The scoop about equipment!

Every sport we offer requires equipment. For some sports, equipment is provided on-site. For others, you will need to bring your own or rent some from SSC.

Do I pay for my equipment?

For a TEAM, we have plenty of equipment here for you to borrow! We've tried to make it as easy for you as possible. You pay a deposit and then you get to borrow the equipment. Use it for as long as you want. When you bring it back, we'll give you the deposit back. Easy! Please visit our Team Equipment page for more information.

As an INDIVIDUAL, all the equipment is provided as part of your registration fee. Please go to our Individual Equipment page for more information.

How do I get (or bring back) my equipment?

Remember, in all cases, someone from your team must come and pick-up the equipment! For Spring leagues there are a few options for you to collect your equipment:

1) E-mail for details regarding equipment pick-up.

2) Visit us at the Toronto Office. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Check out the Toronto SSC Contact Us page for address, maps, and directions. Please e-mail us to make an appointment.

3) If you need to make alternate arrangements, please contact us.

Want to purchase?

If you are looking to purchase any equipment to keep for future seasons or for personal use, we do sell some equipment. Please email or give us a call for more information.

For outdoor softball, you will need to bring your own bat and gloves.

Do we need Jerseys/Uniforms?

Our leagues do not require uniforms (but we encourage you to get them if you want!).