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Refund Policy

General league and program registrations:

- Registration is complete only when the full payment has been received.
- Full refunds will be granted up to the registration deadline date for leagues.
- There are NO refunds (a) after the official registration deadline date or (b) once a program has filled to capacity.
- No refunds due to defaulted, cancelled or rescheduled games. No refunds due to injuries. - A fee of $40.00 HST will be charged for NSF cheques.
- Teams or individuals suspended or ejected from Sport and Social Club leagues due to any breaches of Sport and Social Club Policy will not receive refunds.
- Please note that if registration for any league exceeds the available space, ALL teams with complete registrations by NOON on the FIRST day of registration will be placed in a lottery for one of the available spots. This will help to avoid the "ticket-master effect" of leagues filling to capacity within minutes. If leagues DO NOT fill to capacity within the first few hours of registration, they will be filled on a first-paid, first-served basis, as usual.
- Individual Registration: Individual registrants are welcomed and encouraged to register, and all attempts will be made to place you on a team. The success rate of placing individuals on teams is very high, and it is a wonderful opportunity to meet and have fun with other people in the community. However, placement on a team is subject to available space and there are a number of factors that can impede our ability to get you playing.

Special Event/Tournament team registrations:

- No refunds after Special Event/Tournament registration deadline OR once an event has SOLD OUT, whichever comes first.
- There will be $50 processing fee for any refund requests that occur 7 days (or fewer) prior to the Special Event/Tournament's registration deadline date.
- Special Event/Tournament teams that have made a refund request will have the option of accepting their refund, less the processing fee, or a full credit for their TEAM fee.